Make Your Space Move-In Ready

Prepare your new property with our post-construction cleanup services

Your contractors might’ve cleared away the debris after your construction project, but that doesn’t mean your space is clean. There’s dust on the countertops, wood shavings on the floor and the scent of paint in the air.

Your building isn’t ready for you to move in, but Xtreme Kleen can change that. We can handle the:

Dusting, to clear away sawdust and other leftover debris
Cleaning, to sanitize surfaces and wipe away any dirt
Polishing, to make your whole space shine

If you hire us for post-construction cleanup, you’ll move into a beautiful and welcoming building. Contact a local technician today.

Why choose Xtreme Kleen?

Our certified technicians work with some of the latest cleaning equipment. While we specialize in tile cleaning, we have the tools and skills needed to clean everything in your building. You can count on us to make your new space shine.